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FAQ in english

Here are the answers to your first questions about Swedish pension

How to translate the website into English (or another language)

Using Google Chrome as your web browser, you can have Google Chrome translate the website for you. More information on how to translate the website

What is BankID, how do I access, create and use it?

BankID is required to log in to minPension.se. A BankID is ordered from your bank, how you order differs between banks. Some banks require an in-person visit to a local branch where you need to identify yourself with a government-approved Swedish ID, whilst at some, you can order it directly online. You can read more on your bank's website.

What if I do not have a bank account in Sweden?

Contact a Swedish bank or check its website for further details on how to open an account. You usually need proof of address and your passport or a government-approved Swedish ID.

You also have the option to use Freja eID+ to log into minPension. For more information go to Freja eID+ website Get Freja eID+

What regulation applies to insurance companies – regarding customer guarantees?

For an insurance company to fulfil their commitments to customers they need to have sufficient capital to manage risks, good internal management and good control over risks.

There is a comprehensive regulation within EU to control this.

In Sweden, Finansinspektionen supervises the insurance companies to ensure that they fulfil the regulations.

Read more at www.fi.se

Coordination number, how does it work, how can I get it?

A coordination number is a unique identification number for persons who are not or have not been registered in Sweden. You can use the coordination number when contacting Swedish authorities, healthcare and banks. It is the government agency that you are in contact with that orders a coordination number for you. All government agencies and some private universities have the right to issue coordination numbers.

Read more of coordination numbers at Skatteverkets website

When do I get my first orange envelope och how is it related to my income declaration?

The decision about your earned pension (your pension rights) in your orange envelope is based on your most recent declared income. The orange envelope sent out in 2021 is based on your declared income for 2019. If you have moved to Sweden in 2021 you will have your first orange envelope in 2023.

How quickly do I get access to my pension information if I choose not to make any default choices?

Earliest at the end of the year after you earned your income. This is when your tax declaration is final and Pensionsmyndigheten have been able to calculate your general pension.

Can anyone inherit my general pension?

You can add repayment cover to your premium pension when you apply to withdraw your money but not before.

Can I move and withdraw money in other countries?

Yes, you can have your pension paid to a bank account outside of Sweden. But if you have guarantee pension or if part of your pension is guarantee pension you will not get that social benefit if you move to another country. 

Guarantee pension - how much do I get and when?

You can get guarantee pension if your pension is low or you do not have any at all. The amount you will get depends upon your declared income. You apply at Pensionsmyndigheten.

How to log in and check which pension agreement I have?

Contact your employer, who can guide you further to the correct website relevant to you.

If I have worked in other countries - can I bring the money with me as a lump sum?

No, it's not possible to transfer your pension money.

Who will apply for my pensions earned abroad?

You should notify Pensionsmyndigheten that you have earned pension abroad when you apply. If you have worked within EU/EES they will contact your pension administrator abroad. If you have worked outside EU/EES then you need to apply for that pension by yourself.

Tax issues: what tax regulations will apply when I have worked abroad and then move back?

Contact Skatteverket for questions regarding tax issues from working abroad.

For temporary contractors: Do I earn pension if I become ill, parental leave etc.?

You will earn pension when you are ill or at home taking care of your children, even when you are on parental leave. Contact Pensionsmyndigheten to find out more.

Do I have to apply to get my pension paid out?

Yes, you need to apply through Pensionsmyndigheten and your pension administrators.