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Welcome to minPension

Everyone who has earned pension in Sweden can log in to minPension and see their entire pension and make pension forecasts. The service is run and financed half by the State and half by the pension companies. This means that minPension is a neutral and independent website that is free of charge for the user.

minPension is both a free-standing website and an integrated website with other actors, such as the Swedish Pensions Agency's logged in pages and the pension companies' internet offices.

More than 30 actors in the pension sector are now associate with minPension. Together they deliver pension information corresponding to 98 percent of total pension capital. Nine out of ten pension savers are able to see their entire pension at minPension.

Through the unique collaboration between the State and the pension companies minPension is an important actor in society and an impartial voice in pension matters. Through minPension Sweden is one of the foremost countries in world as regards being able to offer their citizens information about their entire pension.

If you have further questions our helpdesk are pleased to help you.

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